Elderberry Tales

Blue Booties

June 13, 2019

This week's story is about Dorothy, a short tailed albatross, and a team of humans who rescue her and nurse her back to health. It's a selection from the book "Wild Rescues: Amazing Stories from a Wildlife Shelter" by Amanda Mander.

In her book, Amanda profiles different wild animals that were rescued by kids, and treated by a veterinarian. It's based on the West Sound Animal Shelter on Bainbridge Island in Washington State. Here's some info about the book:

Can you imagine a hawk falling down into your mom's wildflower garden? Or a duck family that decides to make your swimming pool their pond? Read about these and other rescue stories based on wild animals treated at a real wildlife shelter. Learn amazing animal facts that can help you too to become a wildlife rescuer and help humans and animals be good neighbors!

You can find out more about the book HERE

You can also connect with Amanda Mander on Facebook.