Elderberry Tales

Something Happened in Our Town

June 15, 2020

Emma and Josh heard that something happened in their town. A Black man was shot by the police.

"Why did the police shoot that man?"

"Can police go to jail?"

Something Happened in Our Town follows two families — one White, one Black — as they discuss a police shooting of a Black man in their community. The story aims to answer children's questions about such traumatic events, and to help children identify and counter racial injustice in their own lives.

Written by Marianne Celano, PhD, ABPPMarietta Collins, PhD, and Ann Hazzard, PhD, ABPP

Illustrated by Jennifer Zivoin
Thank you to the American Psychological Association, and Magination Press, for permission to share this story with you on Elderberry Tales. 
I highly recommend purchasing a copy of this book; partly for the illustrations, partly so you can return to it again as needed, and partly so you can share it with a friend. You can purchase your own copy through Magination Press here: