The Girl Who Owned a Bear

When a young girl is given a book "as revenge," she has no idea what to expect. Luckily, she is a very clever girl.This classic story was written by L...View Details

Long ago, Mother Nature needed help protecting the plants from all the insects along the ground. Luckily, Mr. Tree Toad comes up with a new solution!b...View Details

Uncle Owl

Rats are everywhere in the village! They are destroying rice paddies, wheat fields and chewing clothes and books to bits. The villagers request Uncle ...View Details

A quirquincho and a fox are very good friends and spend all their time together having fun. But one sunny morning, the quirquincho decides to start wo...View Details

The Pharaoh’s Ring

When the monorail breaks down en route to see an ancient Egyptian exhibit at the Pacific Science Center, detective Mom has a plan. And when a priceles...View Details

A Fish and a Gift

Yusuf waits on the beach while Papa pushes out his boat. Surfers, turtles and sharks come from the sea. What will Papa bring back for Yusuf? Created a...View Details

Long, long ago, when Mother Nature was still forming the world for the animals and birds, Old King Eagle and Hummer were rewarded for their courage.  ...View Details

Noah Green has always wanted a dog - even though her mother is dead-set against it. When her neighbor heads out of town for the weekend, leaving her s...View Details

Trooper Finds a Bone

When the family dog digs up something unusual under the maple tree, Mom goes into full Detective Mode - calling the police, the museum, and local trib...View Details

Ellie has been eagerly awaiting the day she can finally trade in her first baby tooth for a coveted prize from the Tooth Fairy. But when the time come...View Details

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